Transstroy launches utilities installation at new stadium in St. Petersburg, Russia

July 24, 2014

Transstroy, general contractor of the construction of a stadium on Krestovsky island , has started installation of utilities, one of the most technologically sophisticated and extensive construction stages. Over 1,000 km of cable, about 600 switchboards and one of the largest data centers in Russia will be installed at the stadium.

Trial works on laying the utilities began in May 2014, turning into full stage in the last decade of July. Over the next 17 months installation of heating, sewerage, ventilation, electrical and low-voltage networks will be completed. Volume and complexity of the forthcoming works are unprecedented for Russia and Eastern Europe.

The most extensive and complex part of the utilities is the stadium’s electricity network. To provide electricity to the arena, Transstroy will lay over 1,250 km of cable and install up to 250 km of additional metal frameworks. Total capacity of energy at the stadium will be 10 MW. The facility will boast more than 600 switchboards for distribution of the electricity, which will provide the lighting for thousands of bulbs.

Technological capacity of the stadium will provide 250 km of fiber-optic networks. This impressive network will organize up to 600 access points for wireless internet connection in different areas of the stadium, trunked connection (closed channels of communication for security and internal data transfer), and for the work of dozens of acquiring devices and ATMs. All the information generated at the stadium will be stored in a single data center with capacity of more than 50 terabytes.

All the materials and technologies used for the provision of the stadium are eco-friendly and meet high standards of LEED international certification system: cables, which do not release halogen when burning (HF-cable), energy efficient lamps, etc. Completion of all network installations is scheduled for the end of 2015.

Apart from the installation of utilities inside the stadium, façades assembling works are underway. Assembling of the stadium’s outer shell - facades and roofs will continue in the coming months. The facility already has 4 of 16 blocks of the roof installed. Also, in active phase of construction are main staircase and additional spaces, which will house the maintenance services. Completion of all works is scheduled for May 2016.