R&D and innovations

Among Transstroy’s numerous competitive advantages one to be named specifically is the impressive science and technology base consolidating the experience of all construction and development projects in the country over the past 70 years. Thanks to successful consolidation of the Soviet Transport Construction Ministry’s legacy, Transstroy has been able not only to maintain but also to develop the entire solution database necessary to tackle major challenges currently faced by the industry.

R&D are regarded as a key area of Transstroy's operations and evolve around the Central Research and Development Institute of Transport Construction founded in 1935. This Institute is invariably involved in all projects in heavy transport infrastructure facilities construction in Russia. The company conducts scientific research, performs standardization and normalization in the field of design, construction and reconstruction of railways and motorways (including electrification), tunnels and metro, bridges, hydraulic structures, including sea defense works, transport infrastructure buildings, engineering protection of objects and transport facilities; conducts design and survey work, conducts tests and certification of industrial products for the construction industry, technical and forensic expertise appraisals, training of research staff.

The company employs 500 researchers, among them are 100 candidates of technical sciences, 7 doctors of sciences, 4 laureates of State prizes, 11 laureates of various Russian Government’s prizes, honored scientists, honored builders and inventors, fellows of Russian and foreign academies.

Transstroy is continuously upgrading its engineering and project solutions, its scientific base, and implementing new technologies. The company has a solid portfolio of in-house designs and know how, which includes more than 1,650 inventor’s certificates, 9 licenses for transfer of know how to foreign companies from Japan, Germany, Italy, Syria, Czech Republic.

It can be rightly said that Transstroy sets the standards and is in the vanguard of the innovation-driven growth in the domestic transport construction sector. The company implements projects using best solutions and practices based on the most advanced experience and time-tested technologies. For example, the construction of the relief road for the Kurortny avenue in Sochi was the first ever time in Russia when the innovative soft ground tunneling method was applied. In Moscow they company has successfully implemented, including scientific assistance and follow-up, a unique pilot project in the construction of a monorail railway, as well as the construction of the only underground railway station in Russia at Vnukovo Airport, etc.