Quality Management System

Quality management certificate

The prime quality of infrastructure facilities construction is a marker of a country’s level of economic development, thus adding to its reputation on the international arena. Being a leader in the Russian infrastructure construction sector, and renowned for its successfully accomplished projects, the Holding gives special priority to the quality of its services. It is also true that the quality of services is the chief competitive factor in the market of transport building today.

Heightened quality requirements and the ability to comply with them, the rigid system of standards, and firm regulations date back from the times of the Soviet Ministry of Transport Building and were adopted and maintained by Transstroy.

In 2002 Transstroy for the first time adopted a Quality Policy reflecting the fundamental principles of work and the key quality management system development priorities. With their regular participation in independent audits all of Transstroy’s companies confirm the compliance of their corporate quality management systems with the international EN ISO standards.

In its operations Transstroy is guided by a customer-oriented strategy which is aimed at the development of a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers and suppliers and envisages on-going development of all processes with the view to meet Customers' heightened requirements to the quality of building.