Деятельность Трансстроя

Transstroy's business is oriented towards the development of highly-efficient modern business fully meeting the international quality and reliability standards.

Transstroy’s solid experience and professional competences are evidenced by an impressive number of accomplished projects in the field of infrastructure construction and development: roadway construction, railway construction, airfield construction, hydraulic engineering, civil and industrial construction, construction of buildings and facilities.

The Holding intellectual and production resources necessary for implementation of turnkey infrastructure projects of any degree of complexity and scope. The company can boast of vast experience in construction works under extreme natural and climatic conditions. Its diversified specialization enables Transstroy to implement complex projects often involving several types of infrastructure construction, which may differ essentially in terms of technology employed, experts, organization of construction works, and equipment used.

Transstroy enjoys presence in almost all regions of Russia, as well as extensive presence beyond its borders. The geography of Transstroy’s projects stretches from the Baltic and the Black Sea to Sakhalin and Yakutia.

In its operations Transstroy is guided by the principles of economic efficiency, combination of excellent professionalism and competence, focus on innovations coupled with experience, an approach that is both comprehensive and individual.

Transstroy relies on state-of-the-art technologies in its construction operations. The company furthermore offers services in scientific assistance and follow-up of projects. The Central Research and Development Institute of Transport Building is part of the Holding.