About Transstroy

О компании

Transstroy is a major diversified holding in Russia operating in the infrastructure construction sector, providing a full range of services and holding firm positions in the following sectors:

  • Railway construction
  • Roadway construction
  • Tunnel building
  • Bridge building
  • Airfield and airport constructing
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Civil and industrial construction

Transstroy specializes in the implementation of large-scale infrastructure projects across Russia and abroad:

  • from design to commissioning;
  • under extreme engineering and geological conditions and climatic conditions;
  • implemented under public-private partnership pattern and life cycle contracts.

Considering its actual position as a successor of the Soviet Ministry of Transport Building, Transstroy’s total experience in the sector amounts to 60 years. Since its foundation in 1991, Transstroy has constructed over 2,000 kilometers of railways, over a million square meters of buildings, 300 bridges, etc. Over the past decade Transstroy has accomplished the implementation of more than 100 unique infrastructure projects, including projects implemented under extreme natural and climatic conditions.

Transstroy’s projects include many significant infrastructure facilities in Russia: a relief road for the Kurortny prospekt in Sochi, the Amuro-Yakutsk railway mainline, the Zenith stadium, Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo airports, the Moscow Ring Road and the Third Ring Road, etc. The geography of Transstroy's construction projects stretches from the Baltic and Black Seas to Sakhalin and Yakutia.

Transstroy’s strategy envisages development of all key business lines, general improvement of its business, expansion of the range of competences and development of strategic partnerships. Transstroy actively invests in technical retrofitting and upgrading, develops engineering, technical and R&D potential, implements innovative solutions, as well as environmentally-friendly technologies and building materials.

Transstroy participates in the key infrastructure development projects, including the preparations to the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014, the World Football Cup in 2018.

Transstroy has an extensive branch network covering all of Russia, uniting R&D institutes, building trusts, production facilities which perform a wide range of work related to infrastructure construction in compliance with top professional standards. Transstroy employs 500 researchers. The Holding's total staff number exceeds 6,000 people.