As the World Cup kicks off in Brazil, Transstroy reveal images of Eastern Europe’s largest stadium and World Cup 2018 venue

June 6, 2014

Transstroy has released official pictures of how the new stadium in St Petersburg will look. The images are released as Transstroy start the building of the stadium’s exterior. When completed new stadium will be one of the biggest in Eastern Europe. It will host a semi-final of the 2018 World Cup and form a new home for Zenit St Petersburg Football Club. 


• When completed the stadium will be the only one in Eastern Europe with both a removable field and a retractable roof, enhancing the stadium’s flexibility.

• The stadium will seat 68,000 for football and 84,000 for cultural events. Stadium’s total area is over 280,000 square meters.

• Exterior of the stadium will be made of modern materials in a silver-gray color and provides opportunities of colorful dynamic lighting. The total area of exterior trims/facades will be more than 120 thousand square meters.

• Transstroy have undertaken a selection and testing process to find the best solutions for facades. This has included testing of the technical performance and aesthetic value of the materials. It was decided that a range of solutions, including panoramic stained-glass windows, front panels and metal plate with tamper-resistant coating, were best suited.

• The total area of glazing of new arena will be more than 28,000 square meters and is being provided by world leader AGC, a Japanese company. AGC’s experience includes the glazing for Tele2 Arena (Sweden), Arena Pernambuco (Brazil), Ghalamco Arena (Belgium).